Saturday, July 18, 2009

Left behind and hoping to be refit.

It has been a while since I have posted a "left behind". The irony is that this one is similar to my first post, although with a totally different history. This looks like it may have been built in the late 1940's probably on Beal Island where the design of standard lobster boat was conceived about 80 years ago. I would like to believe that the person working on this boat is doing so to preserve the memory of having spent time on the boat with his grandfather. Learning how to pull traps, band the lobsters, bait and reset the traps. I also suspect that this boat has seen seas that most of us could only begin to imagine off the coast of Maine, brining her captain and crew home safely time and again. This one is definitely worth saving.

I met a retired Lobsterman who now spends his time working with MERI (Marine Environmental Research Institute). He ferries a group of people most week days on short environmental tours that are fantastic. A man with a wonderful history who offered this comment about lobstermen "They are the salt of the earth. Hard working, grizzled, honest and don't ever lie to one!" Understood Dick, thank you again for the tour.

Slide show from the MERI tour. Hope you like wildlife.

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