Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sun setting on summer

School has begun again, schedules are returning to their regular frenetic pace and the cicadas are not singing quite as loudly. I love this time of year, but I always miss the smell of the summer air and the dramatic sunsets. I think that it is because it only lasts for a while each year that we get to appreciate this brief moment as much as we do. It has been a full summer with my daughter graduating from Wake Forest, my wife opening her new shop, our time in Maine where Daniel learned to sail, Daniel getting SCUBA Certified and having my prints publicized for the first time (we were interviewed by WFDD for the book signing, etc.). Yes, it has been wonderful and I cannot wait to see what next summer brings.


By Shannon Georgia Schaubroeck

The summer days are fading, as they must
From endless hours to short and fleeting light
The bird's once bright, immortal tune, now cries
A melancholy aura to the dusk
The children fiercely climb, and dream, and race
Before their wild and unchained days depart
And yet beneath the zeal lies a half heart
For there isn't time, there's only enough space
The sun seems low, a hazy orange sphere
Now reminiscing sweetly of the days
When endlessly before you summer lay
And as in the deep, crimson dusk you stir
Your soul joins with the birds in wistful brood
Crying for lost summer days, for childhood

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Friday the 28th......

Please join me and help spread the word!

"Bethania: The Village by the Black Walnut Bottom" by Beverly Hamel. I am thrilled to have my pictures included in this book.

Please mark your calendars for August 28th for a reading, book signing and print sale at Village Smith Galleries in Reynolda Village. There will be wine and hors d'oeuvres. Both Bev and I will be present to sign books and prints. This represents a first publication for both of us, so please stop by and say hello.

Previous post with more detail.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

SCUBA Certification: He did it!

Well, after a summer of study and drills at the bottom of the pool at the Yadkinville YMCA, Daniel passed his written test (thanks to big sister Alex for helping him study) and just today completed his fifth dive for his Open Water Certification.

I cannot speak highly enough of the Blue Dolphin Dive Shop and their pairing us with instructor Moe McKnight. If you have ever wanted to do this, do not wait, call Janet Hill at 336-760-9226 and tell her that I sent you (I do get a referral gift) and she will get you all set up.

Can't wait for our first vacation!

Click here for pictures from the Blue Stone Quarry.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bethania and its history of slavery

Although the Moravian Church was not supportive of slavery, it ultimately did not stand in the way of its members buying slave labor. Its a painful and tragic part of our past here, but nonetheless, it must be talked and written about just as much as all other aspects of our history. Slaves and their decedents are addressed in Beverly Hamel's new book (See previous post by clicking here). The images above are from Bethania, the image of the slaves in the field is from Beverly's collection of old pictures and the image of the spinning shed on the old Conrad/Jones plantation I took as a part of the images included in Beverly's book. Sometimes, in order to move forward, we need to look back even if what we see makes us uncomfortable.

Please don't forget the book signing and reading on August 28th, 6pm at Village Smith Galleries in Reynolda Village, Winston-Salem.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reynolda House Photo Contest: Heroes of Horticulture

Here is the link that contains the details of the Reynolda House Photo Contest. It coincides with the current exhibition "Heroes of Horticulture" that everyone should attend. The details are also available on the link above.

The pictures above are from Reynolda Village and Gardens which I took this spring that appeal to me, particularly the tree that has been pruned for many more years than most of us have been alive.

Enter contest by clicking here.

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