Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bethania and its history of slavery

Although the Moravian Church was not supportive of slavery, it ultimately did not stand in the way of its members buying slave labor. Its a painful and tragic part of our past here, but nonetheless, it must be talked and written about just as much as all other aspects of our history. Slaves and their decedents are addressed in Beverly Hamel's new book (See previous post by clicking here). The images above are from Bethania, the image of the slaves in the field is from Beverly's collection of old pictures and the image of the spinning shed on the old Conrad/Jones plantation I took as a part of the images included in Beverly's book. Sometimes, in order to move forward, we need to look back even if what we see makes us uncomfortable.

Please don't forget the book signing and reading on August 28th, 6pm at Village Smith Galleries in Reynolda Village, Winston-Salem.

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