Saturday, October 10, 2009

Auction at Brookberry Farm October 17th ***OVER***

Yes, at the REAL farm, not the development.
Click here to see the slide show of the farm as it used to be.



Brookberry Girl said...

Oh, my word! I'm so excited I can't see straight! Will get the word out, because who would want to miss it?

SueMo said...

I am excited about this auction. I have several RJR Memorabilia pieces and would love to add to the collection. I have the Ardmore 5k at 9am but will move faster to get to the auction in time. Do you know if you have to preregister?

4thBG said...

SueMo - No preregistration required. You register and get a bidder number when you get there.

SueMo said...

Awesome. Thank you! See you there.

SueMo said...

Bo, this was an amazing auction. I was overwhelmed when I arrived at the property. So beautiful.

There were several items that immediately caught my interest. My favorite item escaped my grasp but for a change, my mind thought for my bidding hand. Of course, now I have regret. It was a framed tapestry of the Camel cigarette packs. It was lovely and went for $200+.

I spent a small fortune but am so pleased with everything that I bought. Lots of wonderful RJR items and some china pieces were my best finds and mean the most to me. I was so happy to add to my ever-growing Winston-Salem/RJR collection.

People with trucks and mini-vans stopped what they were doing to watch me try to pack it all into my Prius. It all fit, but barely. I should have taken a picture.

Your family items will be loved and cherished, not resold. Thank you so much for letting me know about the auction. It was marvelous and your family home is breathtaking.

4thBG said...

SueMo - I am thrilled you took some things home. I hope you will freeze the vision of Brookberry in your mind. Sooner or later it will be gone and it breaks my heart, but we just can't keep it. I saw your sister and your Dad last Sunday. Really had a good time talking with him.