Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Waiting for my Real Life to Begin: Colin Hay

For those that do not recognize his name, he was the lead singer of Men at Work back inthe ealry 80's - talk about a musical epiphany.

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Bev said...

You may or may not believe this - but before you posted this, I wrote a poem called Waiting for My Real Life to Begin - I had no idea that there was a song - nor did I know who Colin Hay was. Anyway - there was a road called Brook Ferry Road - ca 1770's named so after Matthew Brooks - (aka Moravian so called Bruxe)and ended by what was once Stewert and/or Gentry Ferry). Matthew Brooks was one of the first Senators for NC too - I don't think Deb or Wes know this - but I think they are getting close with the land and deeds - oh and Brooks was also connected to Daniel Boone. Anyway - Brook Ferry - Brook Berry - how close can it get?