Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ragged Old House

I found this amazing and haunting old place out in Yadkin County, NC. I loved everything about it. Boy, if walls could talk.

The Ragged Old House
By: Sally Roberts

As I passed by that ragged old house
The shingles all rotten and battered,
Most of the windows were still in their places
But some were all broken and shattered.

As I looked longingly at the old house
A tear had formed in my eye,
No one lives there no more the old house is empty
And then I began to cry.

The owners moved out a long time ago,
And the old house is there all alone.
The grass is all dead the porch broken down
And the weeds, oh how they have grown.

I walked to the porch then opened the door
It's hinges were old and rusty,
Some cobwebs were hanging up high on the walls
And the room was all dirty and dusty.

The curtains were torn the pictures all crooked
The mattresses were old and rotten,
There were memories in this old house
Memories that were somehow forgotten.

This house that is ragged battered and worn
And its hinges all rusted and old,
Belonged to my Grandma and Grandpa back then
This ragged old house I was told.


Michael Laplante said...

Hello Bowman.

Meandering through Google blogs I came across your site.

Amazing photo! I've snagged it for my wallpaper, thx.

Mike Laplante
Victoria BC Canada

4thBG said...

Thanks Mike. I have submitted that photo to the Carolina Museum of Art for this fall's exhibition.