Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boca Grande 2010

Here is the link to my slides from this year. I went a little overboard with the sunrise shots at the end, but was truly an amazing morning, light breeze, the caws of the birds, the splash of mullet and the occasional burst of breath from an unseen manatee in the water below me.

Boca Grande Slide show 2010


Sharon in Winston said...

Great shots. Love the pelicans. Definitely my faves. And that first sun(rise?) photo is spectacular! Looks like a wonderful week. My friend in Hollywood FL told me Friday that she has never seen dolphins, which made me very sad! (I had seen some in a harbor as we were turning in, headed to dinner) We see them often around Harkers Island (NC) and Atlantic/Cape Lookout area.

oldpoetsoul said...

What was that huge fish on the beach? It looked like it weighed about 200 lbs! Amazing. We were pretty impressed with the large array of wildlife: the bald eagle (!), pelicans, dolphins, various birds . . . looks like a special place.

4thBG said...

That is a 400 lbs Grouper. Yes, lots of wildlife. While I was up taking all the sunrise shots at the end of the slide show, in the water below me was an unseen manatee that would occasionally come up for air with a blast of breath from just on top of the waves. Lots of Herons and Osprey as well. Really is a special place.