Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tanglewood Cup Steeplechase 2010

This was the 45th running of the Steeplechase here in NC after an eight year hiatus. The break was required to figure out how to keep spectators from getting too loaded and taking off their clothes. So, a dress code was implemented and rules of conduct enforced. What an amazing time for everyone. I am looking forward to next year's running already.

Steeplechase slide show click here.


Sharon in Winston said...

Love your description. They really should use that in their marketing :)

And I've loved looking at everyone's photos and postings of the event this weekend. It really does look like a fun day - though I admit that I struggle with the concept. I had a friend once, a friend's husband actually, who was quite passionate about preventing horse racing until the beautiful beasts had reached a certain age due to the damage to those still-growing bones. I'm afraid his stark images and frequent diatribes (he has a farm, rescued horses) have left an impact.

Oh but they are sooo beautiful..... with power and poise unmatched in any other quadraped.

4thBG said...

The new fences (jumps) give way when impacted so the horses do not crash which prevents tragedies on the track. Best of all the Steeplechase is a fundraiser for the Equine Rescue here in town.