Monday, June 21, 2010

Back to Maine

It's interesting that my two favorite poets, Sandburg & Longfellow, are sons of two of my favorite places: Sandburg, NC - Longfellow, Maine. I should also tip my hat to E.B. White and his time in Maine after leaving New York. I fell in love with Maine as a child. My parents had a house in Port Clyde where we spent our summers. My memories of learning how to ride a bicycle and being allowed to take off on my own at age 6 or 7 to ride all the way to the Port Clyde General Store (Now owned by the LL Bean people). I can still smell the moisture from a morning rain rising off the asphalt warming under the August sun as I strained against the pedals climbing the hill before it crested above the bay by the Marshall Point Lighthouse. I swear I thought that I was going so fast by the time I got to the bottom of the hill, that had I grown wings I would still be flying. I miss that. Anyway, this Friday my family and I will be heading back to Blue Hill for a short stay. We will stop by the Port Clyde General Store to look at my hill and to refill my soul with a touch of my youth. This year will be special however, being that my Mother will be with us. She and I have not been together in Maine in about twenty years or so. It will no doubt be a trip down memory lane as much as it will be a vacation. Thanks Mom.


Amanda said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures. My husband and I spent a summer in New Hampshire on the coast, and we went to Maine several times and loved it. Such a wonderful place to spend the summer.

Sharon in Winston said...

Each year since getting to know you I live a bit vicariously thru your Maine trips, and smile when I read your memories (and new adventures)... understanding fully that your Maine is my Harkers Island. Enjoy!!

4thBG said...

It's important to have places that we love and miss. I feel this way about Maine, Charleston and Boca Grande.