Thursday, January 6, 2011

Charleston, SC Book Signing at Blue Bicycle Books, 420 King Street

Please join me at Blue Bicycle Books on January 15th from 1-4 pm!

Blue Bicycle Books Charleston's only independent book seller!

Or, if you cannot make it, it's on Amazon.


scgrits said...

We just moved from Charleston, where we frequented Blue Bicycle. What a great place run by great people! Hope it goes well.

Stephanie Abdon Bray

4thBG said...

Thank you Stephanie.

oldpoetsoul said...

This is such an awesome book--timeless text and beautiful pictures. I hope you signed a lot of books!

roanokeis said...

Happily recieved your book as a Christmas gift one year not too long ago, from my Winston-Salem living sister. Found a lot of beautiful images inside and also your signature!