Monday, January 18, 2010

Back from diving

Daniel and I just returned yesterday from a dive trip including snorkeling with the manatees in the Homosassa River and dives down the Rainbow River, in Devil's Den & Ginnie Springs. What a fantastic time. The waters were clear, the fish and bird life abundant and the limestone caverns looked downright prehistoric. Many thanks to Moe McKnight as our dive leader from Blue Dolphin Dive Center here in Winston-Salem. We are really looking forward to our next chance to get out with this group.

Video footage of three of the dives set to music click here.


Brookberry Girl said...

You didn't mention how cold the water is, which I believe is pretty cold since it's spring-fed. I KNOW the wetsuits help, but I remember diving with the dolphins at SeaWorld, and all I could think about was getting warm again. Plus, the outside air is a little cooler these days than usual. It was a wonderful experience though, and you two are a lot tougher than ME. :-)

4thBG said...

Water temp was actually 72 - very nice.

oldpoetsoul said...

This looks like SO much fun!