Tuesday, January 5, 2010

History Channel in Winston-Salem

My Great Grandfather is either brimming with pride or standing with his jaw down to his knees. This was filmed at Bowman Gray Stadium that was named in his honor. Tune in Sunday night at 10pm EST on the History Channel.


Bert said...

This may make me start going back to watch 'rubbin and racin' on Sat nites. The Fleming family have been racing for 3 generations now, from Mt. Airy and have been friends from 'way back'. I have already set it to record.

Yarddawg said...

As I've said on several occasions, you have to just go and sit in the stands a watch the shows. Yes shows. One on the track and the other, sometimes even better show, in the stands. The folks in the stands are very knowledgeable. I can usually follow what happening to the first and second place cars but the true fans will be able to tell you about 100% of the time that the number 81 car just passed the 62 car to move into 8th place. The show in the stands usually takes place between the fans of certain drivers. Mainly just trash talking good fun. BG racing IS Americana. Your GGF would be amazed.

Wes Patterson said...

His jaw is probably down around knee level - would be my guess, Bo. I watched this past Sunday's episode (2nd episode). Pretty wild stuff. Does everyone in Winston-Salem sound like that? I sure hope not!!!