Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cows in the snow.

During our recent snows here in NC we got the chance to head out to the farm for some sledding. The cows tended to stick to their shed occasionally heading out in pairs or threes to hit the watering trough. They would glance over at us on the sleds barreling out of control with a dog hot on our tails and seemed to have a rather Gary Larson look about them seeming to say "why?". After determining that we were, indeed, nuts, they would just lumber back to the shed side by side carrying on a quiet conversation about the idiocy of our source of entertainment.


oldpoetsoul said...

I love this!! So many times I wonder what the animals think of us, especially the birds, as we set up our tripod and photograph them. I imagine they gossip about us while we "secretly" watch them. . . thanks for posting!

SharoniusThunk said...

my favorite Far Side ever - hands down. My girlfriend and I wore that one out in high school..... :) Good stuff.