Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NC Coast in winter

Daniel and I headed down to the coast again last weekend. We spent the night in Carolina Beach and the visited the aquariums at Fort Fisher and Pine Knolls. We arrived in the early evening and it could not have been more perfect for a walk on the beach. I love the beach and the ocean even when it is cold with some snow laying about. I would highly recommend visiting the NC Aquariums - very nice. My only comment would be that instead of building three really nice, but smaller facilities, they should have just spent all their resources on one really nice huge facility. Just a thought.

North Carolina Aquariums.


Yarddawg said...

Did you visit the Beaufort Maritime Museum?

4thBG said...

Not this time. That will be part of our next sojourn.

Yarddawg said...

For those who don't know it only about 20 minutes from the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium.

SharoniusThunk said...

I love the Pine Knolls Fish Zoo. I'm keeping it in mind for retirement. Full-time volunteer with the sea turtles.
And I've always wanted to do the "build your own boat" deal at the Maritime. Or give it to my Dad for Father's Day and let him build one with his girls. :)