Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back From Boca Grande

As I sit here going through about 300 pictures, editing, deleting, etc. it is about 40 degrees and raining only adding an exclamation point to how beautiful and relaxing our week down in Boca Grande was. The Innlet was a terrific place to stay, breakfast on the patio on the water every morning was wonderful - much better than a large cup of coffee behind my desk that I am accustomed to. Lunches and/or dinner at the Loose Caboose, South Beach, The Temptation, PJ's Sea Grille or Sisters was always wonderful. Fishing, tennis, swimming, biking and walking occupied our time between stopping for yet another meal. With other family (Mother, Sister, cousins, etc) having spring break at the same time, there were 18 of us on island, so there was never a shortage of people to play with. My Grandmother, even at 95, was wonderful and completely engaging with a truly enviable intellect. I need to make more time for our one on one conversations. I visited with Gary (aka The Chronic Iguana) at the Boca Beacon (link to the right) to lament about the economy and catch up on island issues. Below is a link to the sideshow set to music of my photographs should any of you be experiencing insomnia or are as enamored with Boca Grande as I am. Lastly, I need to mention how wonderful my time with my Daughter and Son was, my children are truly exceptional people who are gifts to me that I hope I am worthy of.

Boca Grande 2009 Sideshow (the slides are low res to improve download speed. To see high res images, click the link below).

Link to photo album. Please note that there are four pages of photographs.


Yarddawg said...

Welcome back to the real world.

4thBG said...

Uh, Thanks?

oldpoetsoul said...

Sounds like a wonderful time with family, and the pictures are truly beautiful. Thanks for posting!