Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still waiting

I did finally get somebody to answer the phone at Ritz Camera yesterday only to be told "no, we do not have your camera." So I will try again today. I have been really patient and really polite with all those involved thus far. I am afraid that if I get the same response again today, I am going to not be as polite. The part that bothers me is that since they filed for bankruptcy two weeks ago, then they would have had to engage a law firm to advise them and arrange for debtor in possession (DIP) financing in mid December at the latest. They should have had contingency plans for the equipment they had taken in for repairs THEN, not after the fact. So, my camera was sent to repair facility A, then on to B and C (their own repair facility in EBF). This was done without informing the local employees who assumed it was still at "A" and with the hope that I, the customer, would not ask questions.


God Bless Sharon and Susie at RC HQ. I now have it back and I was spared the opportunity of having to apologize for being rude and nasty. All is well.


Yarddawg said...

Patience is a virgin. Good luck to you.

I have exercised an overabundance of it recently dealing with my former employer on matters of importance.

4thBG said...

Just got off the phone with RC HQ who swears it WILL be there TODAY. I'll swing by after lunch.

Yarddawg - your situation certianly more sensitive. Why don't people just do as WE say?