Monday, March 2, 2009


Exactly one month ago I took my camera to Ritz Camera for a cleaning and tune up. In the interim they filed for bankruptcy. I called the store who told me they were not sure where my camera was. I called corporate HQ who, one week later, told me that my camera would be at the store today. I called the store today, three times, - no answer. I am frustrated as I am running out of photos that I like and more than that, I am about to head out for one week with my children and I would like very much to have my camera. Not to sound too petty, but those Nikon DSLRs are expensive and I am not in the mood to buy another one as much as the D300 is one of the sexiest things I have seen in a while. Anyway, in the mean time I sit, much like this iguana, waiting. With any luck, tomorrow I'll get it back and be able to take more pictures of iguanas in Boca Grande the following week.

By the by, this is the king/queen of the iguana colony at the very south end of the island where the old light houses are. He/she (I am not sure how to distinguish between the iguana sexes) keeps a wary eye trained on the local tourists, suspicious of every action. Not sure if I should be amused or afraid.

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