Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reynolda Village

As most of you know by now, not only do I maintain an office in Reynolda Village, but my wife also now has a small boutique there as well. I finally got the chance to wander around a take some pictures today. It really becomes a whole new place when you look at it from all points. I could have spent and probably will spend several more hours taking additional pictures. I will also then include the grounds up around Reynolda House and Gardens. This place is a real treasure. While walking around, there were young families parked on blankets, students either sunning themselves or studying and the occasional solo napper all laid out on the hill by Lake Katherine (or what's left of it). This is a true community asset and I consider myself lucky to show up there each day for work. Incidentally, that's my son Daniel who got to spend all afternoon running around without a care with the other children in the Village.

More pictures of the Village.

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