Monday, December 15, 2008

Nature vs. pop culture

Somebody enjoyed a cold Coke out of the old 6.5oz bottle on some hot summer day working on the farm here in NC and placed the empty bottle on a branch with the intention of coming back for it later only to forget. I am guessing maybe fifteen years ago possibly more. The tree has simply enveloped the bottle, trust me, it's not coming out.

Anyway, I have developed an interest in various things left behind either intentionally or not as subject matter for my photography. See my previous post surrounding the old sail boat. I think all of these things have a story to tell regarding how they came to be there. I will post more of these things as I find interesting subjects.


Patti Auburn said...

What a great picture. I also love the concept of things left behind and being a writer about 5 ideas popped into my head when I saw this.

I would recommend a book of short stories by Jim Tomlinson called Things Kept, Things Left Behind.

I really enjoy your posts.

4thBG said...

Thanks Patti. I have been thinking of putting together my own book. I know its not a new concept, but certainly I find it engaging. I will get a copy of Jim's book.