Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thought for a stressed out world

A good friend/mentor of sorts has been reminding me that during these tough days that the best cure for our own worries is to help someone else with theirs or better yet, do three nice things for another person each day and don't get caught. Compared to most, I am very lucky. I like to say that I have problems in areas of my life that most will be grateful to just have areas.

You can let me know what you did for others or, I would love some simple suggestions that we can all use. Remember, the recipient cannot find out, if they do, it does not count.

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4thBG said...

For what its worth, I collected shopping carts from the far end of the parking lot at Target today and returned them to the front of the store. Some were actually stacked in a parking space no more than 50 feet from a cart return.