Friday, January 9, 2009

1929 Bentley Speed Six & Mayor Allen Joines

1929 Bentley Speed Six

This was September 2007 when our good Mayor, Allen Joines, agreed to take what we thought was to be a casual ride for charity up to Hanging Rock State Park that turned out to be a foot the the floor, no seat belts, slide through the corners, test the limits of a 75 year old race car whose history included a win at the 24 hours at Le Mans in 1929, go for the record time from Old Salem to Hanging Rock adventure. It was exhilarating, but a bit more aggressive than either of us expected. None the less, he rode along and was a good sport. So it is with great enthusiasm that I will be supporting him for his third term as Mayor of Winston-Salem. We are lucky to have him.


Yarddawg said...

Well there go my plans to run for the job.

4thBG said...

You would make a fine Mayor Pro-Tempore.