Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back from Memphis

We just returned home, again, this time from Memphis where we attended a party for a relative who married in France. Anyway, it was fun to walk Beale Street and through the Peabody Hotel, etc. But what I was not prepared for was the emotional reaction I had when we crested the hill on Huling Avenue to see the sign for The Lorraine Hotel which is now home to the Civil Rights Museum. It was almost a sense of vertigo when I realized I was about to see the place where Dr. King was killed. As we walked to the parking lot in silence, both my sister and I were moved to tears. If you have any sense of humanity, you can't help it, its overwhelming. Photography is prohibited inside the museum, but I thought there was something moving about the reflection of the sunset on the window to his room. Its hard to put into words the whole experience, other than to say that if the opportunity presents itself, all of you should go.

Slide show of the trip set to music.

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iKnowTANK said...

Your absolutely right. I can remember riding past the site once when I was a child visiting memphis but i've never actually been there.

I will make it my business to stand in the shadows of history.