Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cars as an art form

Many of you remember my post on my old car, so you are aware of my passion for old BMWs. These are a couple of pictures from Scott Sturdy's Vintage at the Vineyards that has taken place every spring here in NC for the last few years. It is a collection of BMW's built prior to 1989 which was when the new design team moved in and they completely changed the style and feel of the cars. Anyway, the first picture is a rare car, a 1978 BMW M1 built in Italy. This was the first of their venerated "M" line made so popular by the M3s that we see everywhere. The second is a line up of the old 2002's. These were the first mainstream BMWs widely accepted here in the US. The last is a 1985 535 modified by Alpina (Alpina is to BMW what AMG is to Mercedes Benz). Unlike today's cars, one cannot mistake these old BMWs for any other car. People took pride in their uniqueness and style. No CAD programs or other types of virtual assistance, they had to conceive, draw and build. They are rolling art work.

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