Friday, January 16, 2009

Railroad to....?

As I mentioned in the comments under my previous post, I made an attempt to go find places and things that I would normally ignore in my desire to get from point A to point B without any delays or distractions. I will say that I had limited success today as even out in the countryside of Bethania, Tobaccoville and Rural Hall, I was CLEARLY getting in the way of others solely focused on their own "point B." Not to mention the cell phone with calls from various people. I just found it very hard to stay inspired with the "real" world constantly nipping at my heels. I drove off feeling that we have set up a culture that does not encourage us to "seek our deeper motives" as Carl Sandburg suggested we do. City or country, the urgency to accomplish our tasks is constant. They guy behind me with a load of wooden pallets seemed just as eager to get around me as the nervous traders did trying to get off the subway in New York.

All that said, I did manage to find this abandoned railroad track that I think used to supply Westinghouse many years ago and these old hay barns seemed to suggest some peacefulness.

I wish all of you a wonderfully simple weekend.


buzzy3 said...

enjoyed your thoughtful and entertaining blog, and I have bookmarked it

4thBG said...

Thanks Buzzy.