Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoughts of the depression.

Not that what we are experiencing now even comes close to the time between 1929 and 1933, but there has been some talk that our current situation is second only in severity to that time. If you have not read "Life is So Good" then you must. It paints an interesting picture of the depression from the view point of someone who rode the rails in the old wooden box cars and had to learn how to avoid and sometimes deal with the railroad bulls. This photograph almost invokes the images of hobos walking the tracks with their obligatory stick over the shoulder with a bandanna tied to the end with all their worldly possessions cradled inside. I do not believe that our economy will deteriorate to that point again, but I think we could all benefit from the lessons it taught.


oldpoetsoul said...

My grandfather was one of those hobos, and literally "rode the rails" from Ohio to the Colorado line at around 1913. He had a near-death experience over a bridge when the train stopped unexpectedly, and became a believer as a result. He returned home, then attended Nyack College in New York to become a missionary. Thanks for the memory jog!

4thBG said...

Sometimes faith finds us even when we aren't looking for it. Great Story.